John Powell

John Powell 1

John remembers starting working at Fielding and Platt

John Powell 2

John remembers Bert Ravenhill the apprentice school instructor, and shares general memories of the apprentice school in 1961

John Powell 4

John remembers the smells and atmosphere of the fitting shop

John Powell 5

John reminisces about Health and Safety at the works

John Powell 6

John remembers visiting the other work areas within Fielding and Platt

John Powell 7

John remembers overtime arrangements and the rates of pay at Fielding and Platt

John Powell 8

John reminisces about his social life while working at Fielding and Platt

John Powell 9

John discusses his time as a progress chaser

John Powell 10

John shares his overall impressions of working for the Company

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Memories of the Apprentice School and Fitting Shop in the 1960s

By Paul Evans

John started in the apprentice training school at Fielding and Platt in 1961, aged 16.  He then worked as a fitter and machinist, before becoming a progress chaser (a person who sourced materials).  He left the Company in April 1967 with the intention of travelling the world.

John has clear memories of his time with the Company, and the audio clips on this page provide a full picture of what his experiences with Fielding and Platt.

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John's comment about health and safety!

I remember that if you were involved in grinding with lots of dust you were entitled to free milk. Not sure why? 

By Bob Jackson
On 22/11/2015