Geoffrey and Mary Hobbs (Jack Hobbs' son and daughter in law)

Geoff Hobbs Family connections.

Geoff Hobbs remembers family members who worked at F&P including his father Jack.

Geoff recalls the Christmas Parties

Christmas Parties from the view of an attendee - Geoff!

Jack Hobbs' career

Geoff recalls what his father accomplished at F & P

Russian Visit

Geoff remembers Jacks story about a Russian visit.

Jack and Vodka!

Geoff blames the Russians!

Jack Hobbs' involvement with Social Events

Geoff Hobbs (Jack's son) remembers social events . Many organised by his father.

Mary Hobbs as employee.

Here Mary describes what it was like starting at F & P direct from school.

Mary Hobbs - more memories.

Mary continues her recollections of being a young junior in the offices.

Memories of Jack and other family members who worked at F & P


In the attached interviews, Geoff and Mary tell us of the several family members who worked at F & P, plus some stories of Jack Hobbs including his involvement with Russian engineers visiting the factory, Christmas Parties and other social events. Mary started in the offices at F & P direct from school. She recalls the sudden changes this meant to her life.


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With reference to Geoff's story about Jacks involvement with Russian Visitors, does anyone recollect another group of Russians getting covered in hydraulic oil, when attending proving trials of H3 pumps? I was not present, but have a recollection of being told they had to be re-clothed by Burtons Tailors!

On 06/01/2014