Notable Orders: 1970s

Fielding presses and many Redman Roll Forming machines

By John Bancroft

This page contains a précis of notable orders taken by the company and the machinery they produced for those orders. If you (or someone you knew) worked on any of the machines noted here, please leave your memories of your (or their) part in the completion of that order by adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

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DateDescription of GoodsClientCountryValue (£)Order No.Source
23/03/19702000 ton Closed Die Forging pressPlant & Machinery (for Carmel Forge)Israel104,410F76450D7338/10/6/8
23/10/19701600 ton Aluminium Extrusion PlantCentury Aluminium (for SanquharUK165,000E77180D7338/10/6/8
11/12/19702500 ton Extrusion press, for copper  Slobodan Penezic-KrcunYugoslavia311,250E78250D7338/10/6/8
17/3/1971350 to Billet Piercing machineWednesbury Tube, BilstonUK46,000X78860D7338/10/6/8
17/03/19711600 ton Extrusion press, for aluminiumCEGEDURFrance91,600E75540D7338/10/6/8

2000 ton  Pierce press with 275 ton Push Bench and plant, for 'B' Mill

Chesterfield CylindersUK548,530


30/06/19712000 ton Pull-Down pressRauma RepolaFinland161,000F80620D7338/10/6/8
31/08/19711600 ton Extrusion plant, for aluminiumPillar PortuguesaPortugal219,670E74240D7338/10/6/8
21/12/1971Redman Series 6, Mk2, Roll Forming m/c  Alfa RomeoItaly152,350W81760D7338/10/6/8
16/05/1972200 ton Deep Drawing & Ironing pressLuxfer, NottinghamUK54,500V82480D7338/10/6/8
27/07/1972900 ton Extrusion plant, for aluminiumOlympic Aluminium, AyreshireUK189,288E77190D7338/10/6/8
11/08/1972Redman Series 6, Mk2, Roll Forming m/c   Granges Essem, SkultunaSweden160,300W82750D7338/10/6/8
25/05/1972Redman Series 6, Mk1, Roll Forming m/cS E Automoviles, BarcelonaSpain83,095W82780D7338/10/6/8
18/07/1972Redman Series 6, MK1, Roll Forming m/cA/S RaufossNorway83,500W83000D7338/10/6/8
16/08/19722500 ton Extrusion press, with piercer, for copperGusum BrukSweden553,320E83100D7338/10/6/8
30/08/1972Redman Series 6, Mk1, Roll Forming m/c, plus toolingMetalexportPoland117,856W83140D7338/10/6/8
11/10/1972Redman Series 6, Mk1, Roll Forming m/cA/S RaufossNorway82,500W83480D7338/10/6/8
03/10/19721600/80 ton Hydrostatic Extrusion pressSumitomo, OsakaJapan226,000E83600D7338/10/6/8
02/01/1973Redman Series 6, Mk1, Roll Forming m/cWilmot BreedonUK75,625W84230D7338/10/6/8
14/02/1973Redman Series 6, Mk2, Roll Forming m/cAlfa Romeo, for Alfa SudItaly245,272W83160D7338/10/6/8
30/03/19731600 ton Extrusion press for aluminiumAlcan Booth Extrusions, BanburyUK128,420E83130D7338/10/6/8


Redman Series 6, Mk2, Roll Forming m/cAlfa Sud, Naples


17/04/1973Redman Series 6, Mk2, Roll Forming m/cStankoimport (for Azlk factory, Moscow) USSR257,500W85100D7338/10/6/8
26/04/1973Redman Series 6, Mk2, Roll Forming m/cAlfa Sud, NaplesItaly227,215W84750D7338/10/6/8
16/07/19731600 ton Extrusion plant, for aluminiumHeywood Williams, ChesterUK228159E85490D7338/10/6/8
19/07/1973Clearing D/A Mechanical pressGKN SankeyUK111,440C85420D7338/10/6/8
23/08/19732 - Redman Series 6, Mk1, Roll Forming m/cCOINTRA, MadridSpain203,600W85840D7338/10/6/8
27/09/1973Redman Series 6, Mk1 Roll Forming m/cA/S RaufossNorway111,510W86250D7338/10/6/8
24/10/1973Clearing D/A Mechanical pressRover Triumph, SpekeUK134,162C86310D7338/10/6/8
27/11/1973Redman Series 6, Mk1, Roll Forming m/cA/S RaufossNorway103,830W86550D7338/10/6/8
11/12/19732000 ton Extrusion press, for aluminiumAlcan Booth, BanburyUK207,420E86650D7338/10/6/8
03/06/19741600 ton Extrusion press, for aluminiumBKL Alloys, RedditchUK166,950E86060D7338/10/6/8
03/06/1974120 ton DDI pressIMI, BirminghamUK60,112V87350D7338/10/6/8
31/07/197416MN Extrusion press, for aluminium  (First fully pre-stressed 4 column design)Nordsk Hydro, for Ashley AluminiumUK187,180E87450D7338/10/6/8
22/08/19747 - 500 ton Straightening pressesV/O Metallurgimport, MoscowUSSR725,960X87460D7338/10/6/8
23/08/19744 - 750 ton Straightening pressesV/O Metallurgimport, MoscowUSSR386,000X87470D7338/10/6/8
30/05/1974Clearing 200 ton Crankshaft Twisting pressScottish Stamping, AyrUK65,500C87500D7338/10/6/8
28/06/1974200 ton DDI pressCylinder Forming, for Ansul, WisconsinUSA88,632V87820D7338/10/6/8
03/04/1975Accumulator StationBSC, for Calder Works UK188,830A89100D7338/10/6/8
25/04/1975Redman Series 6 MkI Roll Forming m/c plus toolingYmos MetallwerkeWest Germany150,000W88880D7338/10/6/8
11/06/1975Mill Stand AssemblyLoewy Robertson, for o/seasUK225,813G89460D7338/10/6/8
23/06/1975770 ton Straightening pressV/O Metallurgimport, MoscowUSSR119,200X89530D7338/10/6/8
22/07/19753100 ton Downstroking pressNorton Abrasives, Welwyn Garden CityUK188,921V89580D7338/10/6/8
01/09/19752 - 1000 ton Downstroking pressesGKN Sankey, WellingtonUK260,530V89770D7338/10/6/8
09/11/19751600 ton Extrusion plant, for aluminiumGotenverken Byggaluminium, RobersforsSweden425,000E86070D7338/10/6/8
11/12/1975Electrical SystemBirds (Swansea), for GKN CardiffUK133,967Y90120D7338/10/6/8
30/09/19761600 ton Extrusion plant, for DubaiBritish Smelter ConstructionUAE288,000E87370D7338/10/6/8
12/04/1976Redman Series 6, Mk1, Roll Forming m/cCOINTRA, MadridSpain202,125W87400D7338/10/6/8
30/07/1976One 16 size 3 Reduction Drive Unit, for NCB Trentham Drift.Cable Belt, CamberleyUK55,000G91420D7338/10/6/8
27/08/1976300 ton Single-Acting Hydraulic pressJoseph Lucas  for Girling, CwmbranUK37,980V91410D7338/10/6/8
20/01/1977200 ton Briquetting Press  GKN Contractors Ltd., RedditchPoland65,000B92330D7338/10/6/8
04/04/1977Strip Mill Equipment, for BA FalkirkLoewy RobertsonUK105,586G92420D7338/10/6/8
16/03/1977Recondition 2000/200 ton Extrusion pressEnfield Rolling Mills, ErdingtonUK109,933G92580D7338/10/6/8
02/02/197716MN Extrusion plant, for aluminiumPurso OyFinland383,025E92950D7338/10/6/8
22/07/1977Con-Cast Water Hydraulic System for BSC RavenscraigDistington EngineeringUK40,000P93270D7338/10/6/8
22/07/1977Special Hydraulic Cylinders for BSC RavenscraigDistington EngineeringUK54,890G93280D7338/10/6/8
09/08/197716MN Extrusion plant, for aluminiumExtrusal SA, AveiroPortugal506,495E87730D7338/10/6/8
14/10/1977Installation of Extrusion plant in DubaiBritish Smelter ConstructionUAE276,225G93650D7338/10/6/8
05/11/1977Overhaul of 500 ton Craig & Donald PressFord Motor Co. LtdUK25,089G93760D7338/10/6/8
03/03/197820MN Extrusion plant, for aluminiumG & T Hellenic Aluminium ProfilesGreece684,000E92100D7338/10/6/8
16/05/1978350 ton Billet Piercing pressWednesbury Tube, BilstonUK198,000E94630D7338/10/6/9
01/06/1978Redman Series 6, Mk2, Roll Forming m/cFAMM, Buenos AiresArgentina292,510W86290D7338/10/6/8
13/06/1978Clearing 75 US ton Hot Platen pressBritish AerospaceUK158,000C94780D7338/10/6/9
27/07/197816MN Extrusion plant, for aluminiumEffah BoakyeGhana585,274E92400D7338/10/6/8
12/12/1978Three Mould press & toolingTarmac OverseasAbu Dhabi128,000K95670D7338/10/6/9
27/02/197930 tonne Rail-Bound ManipulatorDavy-Loewy Ltd.UK65,000G95840/50D7338/10/6/9
04/03/197916MN Extrusion press, for aluminium Kunstoff und MetallGermany382,000E96050D7338/10/6/9
26/03/1979Machining  18 - Bearing PedestalsRolls RoyceUK188,276G96160D7338/10/6/9
03/07/1979250 ton 5 - Station pressFibreglassUK115,948K96250D7338/10/6/9
20/07/1979API 304 & 404 Press Assemblies Michelin Tyre, Stoke-on-TrentUK327,829G96450D7338/10/6/9
20/06/1979New main Ram & Piercer CrossheadYorkshire Imperial Metals, KirkbyUK240,000E96660D7338/10/6/9
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