The First Aid Team

The Cromwell Cup

By Tony Ravenhill

Any one remember the "Cromwell First Aid Cup"?

I still have mine presented in 1959, a fair while ago now.

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This page was added by Tony Ravenhill on 18/04/2016.
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Wow!  This is great Tony - can you tell us more about it?  Why was the cup awarded?  Who else may have one?

By Ollie Taylor
On 16/07/2016

That must have been the one I won after 'Dilly' Trenfield's intense coaching whilst I was in the tool stores sharpening drills. Must have been about 1961 or 62. I had mine for a long time but it may have been lost during a house move. See my comment re the tool room.

It was awarded to the winner of an annual first aid competition held in the apprentice training room. May have been judged by the company doctor or St Johns ambulance, I'm not sure...

By Dave Budrey
On 31/07/2016