Notable Orders: 1890s

A selection of orders received towards the turn of the century

By John Bancroft

Our sincere thanks go, once again, to volunteer Jeff Hogg, who has diligently copied orders from ledgers to an Excel spreadsheet, the latest taking some 13 months!

This page contains a précis of some of the more interesting orders received by the company during the period from 1890 to end 1893 from a variety of clients, many of whom were overseas, with brief details of equipment supplied. 

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DateDescription of GoodsClientCountryOrder No.Order Value £Source
06/02/18902 sets of horizontal compound pumping enginesSwansea HarbourUK  D7338/10/1/6
14/08/1890Hydraulic press, accumulator, intensifier, set of duplex pumps (possibly the first concrete slab press)Adamant, (Aberdeen?)UK  D7338/10/1/6
11/11/1890 Portable riveters and accumulator,  Cape of Good Hope Rly Co. South Africa   D7338/10/1/6 
22/12/1890 Portable hydraulic riveting machine Great Northern Rly., Doncaster UK   D7338/10/1/6 
30/12/18901 set of duplex pumpsGloucester water WorksUK  D7338/10/1/6
02/02/1891 Rolling bridge machinery (for Barry Docks) H M Brunel (Henry Marc) UK   D7338/10/1/6 
16/02/1891 1 Tweddell stationary riveter of the Atlas type  Aarhaus Busse Denmark 2727  D7338/10/1/6
26/02/1891 Lancashire boiler Gloucester baths UK   D7338/10/1/6 
15/06/18911 patent flanger, 1 stationary hydraulic riveter, 1 set duplex pumping engines J Samuel White, East Cowes UK  D7338/10/1/6
18/12/18911 - 4HP Gas EngineCrystal Palace Electric Exhibition, LondonUK  D7338/10/1/6
18/12/18911 - hydraulic stationary rivetterHarland & Wolff, BelfastIreland  D7338/10/1/6
00/01/1892 Hire Gas Engine 100 HP at £20 per month with option to purchase for £400, the rent to be taken as part of purchase money  Gloucester Wagon Co. Gloucester UK (no order no. stated)  D7338/10/1/7 
14/01/1892 Tube drawing press, effective piston area of 75 sq. in. Projectile Co. Ltd.UK3001 760D7338/10/1/7
14/01/1892 Tube drawing press, effective piston area of 50 sq. in. Cylinder & valves to be tested to a pressure of 3 tons/sq. in  Projectile Co. Ltd UK 3002 340D7338/10/1/7 

3 - stationary hydraulic rivetters with 6' gap to close 5/16" dia. hot steel rivets

2 - stationary hydraulic rivetters to close 3/8" dia. hot steel rivets in tubes 12" internal dia. x 6' long

2 - stationary hydraulic rivetters to close 1/2" dia. hot steel rivets in tubes 16" internal dia. x 6' long

3 - stationary hydraulic rivetters to close 5/8" dia. hot steel rivets in tubes 17" dia. x 6' long

3 - patent multiple hydraulic punching machines

1 - set duplex steam pumping engines having 2 - steam cylinders 14" dia. x 12" stroke @ 70 psi steam to work 4 - single-acting pumps 2 1/2" dia. x 12" stroke against a water pressure of 1500 psi.

1 - hydraulic accumulator having ram 8" dia. x 14' 0" stroke

3 - hydraulic jib cranes to lift 5 cwt, 4' high x 10' rake

1 - hydraulic ring punching machine to punch 5/8" dia. holes in 3/8" thick steel rings 10" to 24" dia. cold. 

12 - pairs of punches and die bars

600 - punches for rivets per specification

600 - dies for punches per specification

12 strippers to suit the punch bars

1 pair of riveting snaps for each of the rivetters

1 - set of shear blade for the shearing machine

1 - set of leathers for each machine and valves, pumps, etc.

Oswald Brown 

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total value £3,222-2s 8d 

(equivalent to about £450K at 2016 prices)

16/02/1892 One 16HP Gas Engine delivered fixed price, we taking their present Gas Engine in exchange. Western Counties, Plymouth UK  125D7338/10/1/7 
17/03/1892One 'Piedboeuf' Flanging Press for 8' 6" plates, main ram 16" dia x 36" stroke, wp 1500 psi Great Northern RailwayUK  3049650 D7338/10/1/7 
13/12/1892 One hydraulic Flanging Press of the 'Piedboeuf' type as shown page 48, Catalogue 1882,Ugo Sapadnik Rly, Sud Quest   577-10s D7338/10/1/7 
14/02/18933-sets of geared pumping enginesHeenan & FroudeUK55 D7338/10/1/7
14/02/1893Copy of letter ref. orders 55 & 56, Accumulators & Pumps for Blackpool TowerHammersley HeenanUK  D7338/10/1/7
28/2/1893 Supply and erection of a Footbridge across entrance to West Bute Docks, (Cardiff) Bute Estate Office Aberdare UK 63424 D7338/10/1/7 
07/03/1893 Pair of compound tandem pumping engines to pump 2,000 gal/m min. against 800 ft. head, steam pressure 100 psi.  Castle Eden Coal Co. West Hartlepool UKfrom 74 3,750 D7338/10/1/7 
27/03/1893 14 HP Gas Engine to work with Taylor Gas, deliver to F. Lafond, Montalien, France  A H Croisier France  FF7,360 D7338/10/1/7 
17/04/1893Hydraulic Bender to take plates 13' 1/2" wide x 1 5/8" thickWilhelmshaven, Germany102 D7338/10/1/7
03/05/1893Patent Hydraulic Boiler Shell Bender to 'cold' bend 13' 1/2" wide x 1 5/8" thick to 5 mtrs dia. boiler. 1500 psi WP.  WilhelmshavenGermany 1,420D7338/10/1/7
10/05/1893Tweddell 25 ton Stationary Hydraulic Rivetter made on halves and bolted together, having gap 5' deep, for rivets 1" dia. 2 - 25 ton Direct Acting Portable Rivetters 30" gap x 15" opening, 1500 psi WP., plus pumps and accumulator, etc.  John Birch & Co.for China117 - 118 and stock686D7338/10/1/7
18/05/1893 Various including 40 ton, 12' gap Fixed Rivetter, 7' Hydraulic Crane with 15' Jib, Piedbouef Flanging Press, 30 ton Portable Rivetter with 5" gap, 30 ton Smoke Box Tube Rivetter with 8" gap and Compound Hanger, 25/17 ton, 2' 2" gap Frame Rivetter with automatic hanger, 3 - cranes, each to lift 1 ton, 4' stroke x 28' radius, set 2 - throw belt driven pumps 2" dta. x 5' stroke.    Midland Railway Co. Derby UK 123-129 2,263 totalD7338/10/1/7 
12/06/1893 2 - Piston Valves for actuating Blackpool Tower lifts Heenan & Froude delivered Blackpool 137  D7338/10/1/7 
08/06/1893 1 - Double-Operating Valve Heenan & Froude delivered Blackpool 143  D7338/10/1/7 
08/06/1893 Piping for Blackpool lifts Heenan & Froude delivered Blackpool  144  D7338/10/1/7 
02/08/1893 No.1 Dredger Hull, 41" crs  W.I. Ladder & Friction Hoist, plus 3 - Friction Hoists   Sharpness New Dock & Glos & Birm. Nav. Co. delivered on their water  178 & 268-271 (office order book) 858 D7338/10/1/7 
09/11/1893 Planing billiard table iron  Millard (Mr?) Institute, Gloucester UK 660  D7338/10/1/8 
22/12/1893Water saving gear for existing Flanging m/c. plus "Competent Fitter @46/- per week of 54 hrs, including lodgings and out allowance. Rly fares extra" (Ed. highlight in inverted commas)Richard Garrett and SonsUK 79636/- D7338/10/1/8
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