Fielding 'Clearing' Double-Acting Mechanical Press, Type D2-700-350-126-80, under construction

Order C85420 for G K N Sankey Ltd., Telford, c.1973

By John Bancroft



Gloucestershire Archives



The Paul Regester Collection

This view illustrates the benefits of the new erection hall building, especially the height available for building large vertical machines.

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This page was added by John Bancroft on 28/01/2014.
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The only person I recognize is Ray Gardner, left, lower level.

By Jim Rigby
On 16/02/2014

Talking to Brian Bowsher, maybe?    John B

By John Bancroft
On 16/02/2014

John, I think you are correct.

By Jim Rigby
On 17/02/2014

Hi John and Jim!  I'm sure it is Brian Bowsher talking to Ray Gardner and I have feeling that the taller of the two men above could be Terry Sagar. He came down to F&P from Vickers and did a lot of site work on the Clearing presses. I remember going to the Crane Freuff(?) lorry trailer factory at Deerham(?) in Norfolk with him and an apprentice named Chris Anderson. I can't remember exactly what the job involved, but we did have a mobile crane in to do some heavy lifting. An everlasting memory I have of Terry on that job is of him standing on the edge of the platen/tool carrier while the press was running and he is going up and down with it, madness I know, but then that was Terry! Oh, and I seem to remember he had a reputation for driving somewhat fast!   Chippy Aston.

By Graham Aston
On 17/02/2014