200 ton Double-Ended Deep Drawing & Ironing Machine

Order V82480 for Luxfer Ltd., Nottingham, c.1973

By John Bancroft



Gloucestershire Archives



Gloucestershire Archives



Gloucestershire Archives



Gloucestershire Archives

Third photo illustrates the die area of left hand side.

Fourth photo illustrates the die area of right hand side.

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Hi John!  In this photo Tony Barton is working on the DDI machine in the new fitting shop. I went to Luxfer with John Little around 1973/4 to do some small modifications over a couple of days on this press. Regrettably, both Tony and John are no longer with us. Many years later whilst I was working as a maintenance fitter at Contract Chemicals in the Bristol Road I got to know a young man named Phil Little and he told me that he had served his time at F&P and had done a lot of work on later DDI presses. Phil's dad was Terry Little who was also at F&P, working as an electrician.   Chippy Aston.

By Graham Aston
On 04/02/2014

Good day! I 'm looking for the manual operation of the machine Fielding & Platt DDI 120 tons. With whom I can consult the machine operation?

Mentor Aguilar M.

By Mentor Aguilar Magallanes.
On 07/07/2016