1600 to Horizontal Extrusion Press, views taken on site in 1970

Order E74230 for Independant Aluminium Extruders Ltd., Cheltenham, c.1969

By John Bancroft



Gloucestershire Archives



Gloucestershire Archives

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I operated this press from 1975 for several years, it was the third extrusion press at Indalex, I was there for 17 years. A colleague was killed by the ram during a summer shutdown while on maintenance.    

By Peter Heseltine
On 04/10/2016

I can't add anything about the press in these photos, but I do vaguely remember the man operating the press in picture 1, and the reason for that is that I bought some second-hand cassette tapes from him around about 1973!

Our paths crossed when Keith Parker and myself were working on an extrusion press that we were installing just down the road from the Fielding works. The press was for Westward Aluminium and I seem to remember there was some sort of tie up between them and Indalex in Cheltenham. It may even have been something entirely separate from Indalex, but set up by people who used to work there, hence man in photo turning up at Westward Aluminium as one of the new operatives (I think) down the Bristol Road.

Funny old world isn't it!

Chippy Aston

By Graham Aston
On 21/10/2016

This press is still working in Saudi Arabia. I put it there along with the paint plant.

By bob mortiss
On 01/05/2017

Hi Bob!  Many thanks for this useful information. Please tell us more for our records, like when was the press installed in Saudi, what company purchased the press and whom were you working with at the time?  Any other information would be useful.  John B

By John Bancroft
On 01/05/2017