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Page link: Steve Price
Steve Price
Joined F&P in 1959
Page link: Mike Stanbrook
Mike Stanbrook
Started his apprenticeship in 1956
Page link: Richard Brain
Richard Brain
Office boy, Apprentice and a busy career from then on.
Page link: John Lewis (the Cinderford one!)
John Lewis (the Cinderford one!)
From F&P Apprentice to early, but busy, retirement.
Page link: Jim Smith
Jim Smith
Trained at F&P, then found various adventures around the world!
Page link: John Lewis
John Lewis
For many years in the Maintenance Department.
Page link: Pauline Anderson (née Stock)
Pauline Anderson (née Stock)
Introduced to F&P by Morgan Walton.
Page link: Margaret Clifton (née Hancock)
Margaret Clifton (née Hancock)
Brought to the firm by her father Les Hancock.
Page link: Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor
Dave worked at Fieldings from 1985 to 1996
Page link: David Gapp
David Gapp
Worked through his Apprenticeship and finalised in Hydraulic One.
Page link: Colin Organ
Colin Organ
Worked in the Photographic Dept.
Page link: Godfrey Bodenham
Godfrey Bodenham
From Apprentice to Electrical Design Engineer.
Page link: Ian Horton
Ian Horton
Apprenticeship and then to Fabrication
Page link: Andy and Felicity Fowler
Andy and Felicity Fowler
Met at F&P in the 1960s. About to celebrate 50 years marriage in 2015!
Page link: BBC Radio Gloucestershire Interviews.
BBC Radio Gloucestershire Interviews.
Pete Wilson of BBC Radio Gloucestershire interviews the Fielding and Platt Legacy Group (Website Volunteers).
Page link: John Browning
John Browning
From workshops to buying dept. via inspection.
Page link: BRIAN ROSE
Brian recalls his years at F&P from 1947, with some very amusing stories.
Page link: Roy Stoves - Turner
Roy Stoves - Turner
Roy tells us about his time at Fieldings where he specialised as a turner on the lathes in the light machine shop.
Page link: Forces Newsletter 1957
Forces Newsletter 1957
Letters from Employees to Fielding colleagues during their National Service.
Page link: F & P Fire Brigade
F & P Fire Brigade
The site pump, with Operatives.
Page link: Darts and Cribbage at Christmas?
Darts and Cribbage at Christmas?
Please help with who is doing what!
Page link: Geoffrey and Mary Hobbs (Jack Hobbs' son and daughter in law)
Geoffrey and Mary Hobbs (Jack Hobbs' son and daughter in law)
Memories of Jack and other family members who worked at F & P
Page link: Jim Hurcombe and Sylvia Brown.
Jim Hurcombe and Sylvia Brown.
Memories from their son Roy.
Page link: Gerald Moore's 18th Birthday Party late 1950s
Gerald Moore's 18th Birthday Party late 1950s
Gerald's birthday party in Cinderford
Page link: Jack Hobbs
Jack Hobbs
From Fitter to Acceptance Engineer Supervisor
Page link: Clive Forster & John Davis
Clive Forster & John Davis
Chesterfield Cylinders' 1000 ton press
Page link: Accident at the Works
Accident at the Works
Circa 1950s
Page link: Leslie Spooner
Leslie Spooner
Managing Director
Page link: Albert Grendall
Albert Grendall
Fitter in Hydraulic 2
Page link: Albert Brazington
Albert Brazington
Service Engineer 1960s