The Canteens

Here you listen to memories and see photographs of the canteens.

The Works had a number of different canteens where directors and staff ate. The Works' canteen was also used occasionally for musical performances, films, a recording of the BBC's "Workers' Playtime", and of course the annual staff children's Christmas party.

If you have memories of working in or visiting any of the canteens - the staff, the food, the social activities in them, or any other memories - then you can add your memories here. You can do so either by registering on the site and adding a page, adding a comment at the bottom of one of the pages here, or leaving us a message on our message board.

Page link: Canteen meal tokens
Canteen meal tokens
Do you remember them and can you help us date them?
Page link: Canteen workers win a car!
Canteen workers win a car!
How a "Spot the Ball" competition left them in the money
Page link: Iris Richards
Iris Richards
From "veg prep" to canteen favourite, 1947-1983
Page link: Lunch time!
Lunch time!
View taken from inside the Works canteen, c.1950s
Page link: Marion Iles
Marion Iles
From Catering Assistant to Cook, 1970-1983
Page link: Ron Curtis remembers performances on the stage in the Canteen
Ron Curtis remembers performances on the stage in the Canteen
Choirs, Amateur Dramatics, and more...
Page link: Staff in the canteen
Staff in the canteen
Who do you recognise and what do you remember of them?
Page link: The Tea Trolley
The Tea Trolley
What do you remember about it?