The romances of Fielding and Platt

It's almost Valentine's Day and what better way to celebrate than by remembering couples who met at Fielding and Platt and Valentine's Day fun at the company!

Here you can read and listen to memories of couples who met whilst at Fielding and Platt, see photos of them, and share memories of Valentine's Day at the company, and the relationships which began at the offices, works, sports' ground, or social club.

If you have memories of Valentine's Day at Fielding and Platt, remember the couples here, met someone whilst working for the company, or remember a couple who met there then we'd love you to share you memories here by adding a comment at the bottom of whichever page sparks those memories, adding a message to our message board, or adding a page to the site itself. Click here to learn more about how to add a page to the site.

Page link: Alistair and Dulcie Adams
Alistair and Dulcie Adams
A farewell drink which led to a date and marriage
Page link: Jack Fielding's drawings
Jack Fielding's drawings
The draughtsman in romantic mood
Page link: James Fielding's proposal of marriage to Harriet Berry
James Fielding's proposal of marriage to Harriet Berry
A letter written on Birmingham train station, 5 July 1868
Page link: Ron and Margaret Yardley
Ron and Margaret Yardley
Tied together in a three-legged race...