The Pipe Shop

Here you can see photographs and hear memories of the Pipe Shop. In the Pipe Shop skilled Pipe Fitters made and shaped the pipes that were needed to connect the pumps and valves on Fielding's machines and presses.

The Pipe Shop was situated next to the Boiler Yard and the Experimental Department on Baker Street. It was set apart from the main Fielding and Platt Works, being situated the other side of the LMS [London, Midland, Scottish] Railway's Dock Branch. It could be reached by crossing a bridge over tracks which connected the Pipe Shop to the Machine Shops.

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Ken Juggins and colleague
Pipe benders in the 1970s
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Wayne Roberts
Memories of the Pipe Shop and its workers, 1966-1972
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Pipe Shop Foreman during World War II until c.1960