Here you can listen to memories and see photographs concerning the CEGEDUR 3900 ton aluminium plate-stretcher that helped build the world's first supersonic jet Concorde.

Some remember helping with the design of the machine, some its fitting and installation in Issoire, France, in 1964. All of them are proud of their involvement with Fielding and Platt's historic engineering achievement. If you have memories of designing, machining, fitting or working on CEGEDUR, then please get in touch with us on our message board. You can read Alan Jay's memories of working on CEGEDUR as an apprentice fitter there too.

Page link: At Full Stretch
At Full Stretch
A film telling the story of the design, manufacture, and installation of the 3900 ton Stretcher that helped build Concorde
Page link: Walter Organ
Walter Organ
Memories of installing the CEGEDUR press