Dynapak High Energy Rate Forming Machines

Here you can see photographs and video and hear memories of 'Dynapak' High Energy Rate Forming Machines made by Fielding & Platt under licence from General Dynamics Inc., USA.

'Dynapak' machines use the expansion of high pressure nitrogen gas to accelerate a single vertical ram or piston, closing two dies onto the work piece at very high speed thus forging the product almost instantaneously.  The process is especially applicable when using hard-to-forge metals that resist deformation by conventional techniques.  Many complex forms can be created in one single motion.  

If you remember designing, machining, fitting, installing or maintaining any of the machines here please share your memories of working on them. You can do this by clicking on the machine you worked on, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the words Add a comment about this page.

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'Dynapak' in Action
This film shows the high energy rate forming 'Dynapak' machine in action
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Photographs of 'Dynapak' Forming Machines
See images of Fielding's High Energy Rate Forming Machines aadd your memories of working on them